Download Assam Vat Form-11

Download Assam Vat Form-11: Certificate of Registration for Transporter under Assam Vat RulesThis form is relevant as a certificate issued by the Prescribed Authority for the registration of transporter.

As per Section 28 under Assam Vat Act Liability to obtain registration by transporter

(1) Every transporter liable for registration under sub  section (1) (a) of section 28, shall  submit to the Prescribed Authority having jurisdiction over the area in which his principal place of business is situated, a single application for registration of his  principal place of his business and all the branches in the State, within  sixty days  from the commencement of these rules, if he was carrying on business on such date and within thirty days of commencement of business, if  he commences  business after publication of these rules.

(2) An application shall be made in Form-10.

(3) An application for registration shall be signed and verified in case of

(a) in individual, by the proprietor of the transport business;

(b) a partnership firm, by the managing partner of the firm;

(c) a Hindu undivided or joint  family, by the karta of the family;

(d) a company, by the Managing Director  or the Secretary or the Manger  or the Principal Officer of the Chief Executive Officer of the Company;

(e) a Government department, by the head of the office.

(4) The person making application for registration under sub-rule (1) shall submit  two copies of his/her attested passport size recent photograph along with the  application for registration, one copy of which shall be affixed at the space at  the top right hand corner of the certificate of registration issued and  sealed with the round seal of the office of the Prescribed Authority and the other copy shall be affixed in the register  of certificate against the  name of the concerned transporter, carrier of transporting agent: Provided that no photograph shall be required to be affixed on the copies  of the certificate for the branches, if any.

(5) When the Prescribed Authority is satisfied after making such enquiry as he  thinks fit, that the particulars contained in the application are correct and  complete and the fee payable along with on application of registration under  these rules has been paid, he shall register the transporter and grant him a Certificate of Registration in Form-11 and also an extra copy of such Certificate for each branch within the Sate, inscribing on each such extra copy the name of the branch for which it is issued.

(6) The Certificate of Registration granted under sub-rule (5), shall be kept at the principal place of business and displayed at a conspicuous place, and each extra copy of such certificate granted for the branches under the said sub-rule shall be kept in the respective branch and displayed at a conspicuous place of the branch.

(7) Whenever, for any reason, there is a change in the particulars furnished in the application for registration, the transporter, shall, within fourteen days from the date of such occurrences, submit an application to the Prescribed Authority together with the Certificate of Registration and copies thereof for the branches, if any, for necessary amendment, and the Prescribed Authority may, if he is  satisfied, make necessary amendment in the Certificate of Registration and the  copies thereof.

(8) The Prescribed Authority shall maintain a Register of Certificate in Form-12.

(9) When a registered transporter closes down his business within the State, he shall apply within thirty days from the date of closure of his business to the Prescribed Authority for cancellation of his registration and surrender the Certificate of Registration and the copies thereof for the branches, if any. The Prescribed Authority, if satisfied after such enquiry as may be necessary that  the transporter has really closed down his business, and there is no  outstanding liability against him or no proceeding pending against him, shall cancel the registration and deface properly the Certificate of Registration and

the copies thereof.

(10) The Prescribed Authority shall cancel the Certificate of Registration when the  business in respect of which the certificate was issued has been discontinued  and there is no outstanding liability against the transporter and no proceeding is pending against him.

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