Download Arunachal Pradesh Vat Form NOTICE RN-02

Download Arunachal Pradesh VAT FORM NOTICE RN-02 As per 14 of the Arunachal Pradesh Goods Tax Rules, 2005) Applications – general

(1) Every application under the Act –

(a) for registration as a dealer;

(b) for approval as an Approved Road Transporter; or

(c) for permission to operate a Approved Warehouse,

or for the amendment or cancellation thereof, shall –

(i) be made using the prescribed Form (if any);

(ii) contain the information and particulars referred to in that Form;

(iii) be verified by any required declaration;

(iv) be accompanied by all documents mentioned in the Form;

(v) be accompanied by proof of payment of the prescribed fee (if any) in the prescribed manner;

(vi) be accompanied by security in the prescribed amount, if any; and

(vii) be signed in the manner stipulated in section 31 .

(2) Where no Form for such an application is prescribed in these Rules, the application shall be made and furnished in the form provided by the Commissioner.

(3) Place of lodging applications. An application under subrule (1) may be filed at the Office of the Commissioner, or filed at

any other place notified by the Commissioner.

(4) When person taken to have made application. An application shall be treated as made by a person once the application has been stamped with the date of receipt by the Commissioner or by any other person authorised by the Commissioner to receive the application.

(5) The Commissioner shall, if requested, issue a receipt acknowledging receipt of an application at the time that the application is filed.

(6) Where an application lodged by a person does not meet the requirements of subrule (1), the Commissioner may either reject the application or accept the document as constituting an application if the document is substantially in accordance with the requirements of subrule (1).

(7) Before passing any final order on an application for approval the Commissioner may –

(a) by notice in writing served in the prescribed manner require the applicant to furnish such further information as the

Commissioner deems fit; and

(b) make such inquiries as the Commissioner deems fit.

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