Download Andhra Pradesh Vat From 601

Download Andhra Pradesh VAT Form 601: Register of Way Bills under AP Value Added Tax Act

As per Andhra Pradesh VAT rule 55(5) Every person obtaining the Way Bills under sub-rule (i) shall keep and maintain a register in Form 601 showing a true and correct account of the way bills obtained, used and held in stock by him. 

Subject to sub-rules (2) and (4) every dealer who consigns goods by a goods vehicle shall make out a waybill in Form X or Form 600 in triplicate and issue the original and duplicate thereof duly signed by him or his manager or agent to the owner or the other person in charge of the goods vehicle.

For the purpose of this clause, only waybills printed under the authority of the State Government or the Commissioner shall be used.  When such waybills are not readily available for use for any reason, the waybills containing the signature and official seal of the Commercial Tax Officer or the Asst. Commissioner having jurisdiction over the consignor shall be used in lieu of such printed waybills.

Provided that the issue of a way bill shall not be necessary where a person who is not a dealer transports his household or other articles for his own use from one place to another and also in respect of transport of the goods specified in Schedule I  to the Act. 

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