Download Andhra Pradesh Vat Form TOT 007

Download Andhra Pradesh VAT form tot 007: return of turnover tax (quarterly) under apvatact2005

As per Andhra Pradesh VAT rule 23(2) A return to be filed by a TOT dealer under Section 20 shall be on form TOT 007 and it shall be filed within 30 days after the end of the calendar

(1)   Every dealer registered under Section 17 of the Act, shall submit such return or returns, along with proof of payment of tax in such manner, within such time, and to such authority as may be prescribe

(2)   If a return has been filed within the prescribed time and the return so filed is found to be in order, it shall be accepted as self-assessment subject to adjustment of any arithmetical error apparent on the face of the said return

(3)   (a)  Without prejudice to the powers of the authority prescribed under sub-section (3) of Section 21, every return shall be subject to scrutiny to verify the correctness of calculation, application of correct rate of tax and input tax credit claimed therein and full payment of tax payable for such tax peril

(b) If any mistake is detected as a result of such scrutiny made as specified in clause (a), the authority prescribed shall issue a notice of demand in the prescribed form for any short payment of tax or for recovery of any excess input tax credit claim

(4)   Every dealer shall be deemed to have been assessed to tax based on the return filed by him, if no assessment is made within a period of four years from the date of filing of the return.

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