Download Andhra Pradesh Vat Form Vat 610

Download Andhra Pradesh Vat Form Vat 610: Notice of Detaining Goods at Check post Under Apvat Act 2005

As per Andhra Pradesh VAT rule 56(1)(a) Subject to sub-rule (2) the officer in charge of the Check post or any other officer authorized shall have the power to stop and inspect any goods vehi­cle, and all the records.  If on such inspection, it is found that there is any discrepancy in the goods or any defect in the records or if any other omission or irregularity is detected; the officer shall issue  notice on Form 610 specifying the description, the quantity and the value of the goods proposed to be detained under sub-section (6) of Section 45.  A copy of the notice shall be served on the owner of the goods and if he is not present on the spot on the driver or any other person in charge of goods vehicle.

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