Download Andhra Pradesh Vat Form Vat 118

Download Andhra Pradesh VAT FORM VAT 118: Claim for Credit on VAT Paid On Goods On Hand at the Time of VAT Registration under AP Value Added Tax Act

After the commencement of the Act, where any dealer gets registered as a VAT dealer or where the authority prescribed registers any dealer as a VAT dealer under  Rule 11 (1), such dealer shall be eligible for input tax credit as provided under sub-section (2)(b) of Section 13.  The claim shall be made on Form VAT 118 within 10 days from the date of receipt of VAT registration.  The goods on which the input tax credit is claimed or allowed shall be available in stock on the effective date of VAT registration. The documentary evidence for such claim shall be on the basis of a tax invoice issued by a VAT dealer for the purchases made and the input tax credit allowed on Form VAT 119 shall be claimed on the first return to be submitted by such dealers.  The prescribed authority shall issue such Form VAT 119 within 10 days of receipt of Form VAT 118.

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