DELHI Vat Form DVat 52

Download DELHI VAT Form DVAT 52: Declaration of Permanent Account Number

DELHI VAT Rule 18 Declaration of name of manager of business

(1) The information required under section 95 shall be intimated to the Commissioner in Form DVAT-04 at the time of application for registration.

(2) Where there is any change in the person or persons named in Form DVAT-04 as manager or managers of business under section 95 on account of death or otherwise, the registered dealer or his legal representative, as the case may be, shall inform the Commissioner within thirty days from the date of such change in Form DVAT-07 and also provide the name of the person or persons who shall be manager or managers thereafter.

(3) A declaration under sub-section (3) of section 95, shall be furnished in Form DVAT 52 to the Commissioner –

(a) before 31st December, 20052, by a dealer who is deemed to have been registered under sub-section (1) of section 24;

(b) within fifteen days of obtaining the Permanent Account Number, if the said number is obtained at any time after applying for the certificate of registration.

Department of Trade and Taxes
Government of NCT of Delhi

Form DVAT 52

[See Rule 18(3)]

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