DELHI Vat Form DVat 38A

Download DELHI VAT Form DVAT 38A: Memo of Appeal to Tribunal

DELHI VAT Rule 57A Filing of appeal before Appellate Tribunal

(1) Every appeal shall be presented in the form of a memorandum of appeal which shall be –

(a) in Form DVAT-38A when the appeal is against an order of assessment;

(b) written on a standard watermarked judicial paper when the appeal is against any other order or decision.

(2) Every memorandum of appeal shall be accompanied by a fee of fifty rupees in the form of court fee stamps.

(3) Every memorandum of appeal shall contain a clear statement of facts, precise ground of appeal and relief claimed.

(4) Every appeal shall be filed in triplicate and shall be accompanied by three copies (at least one of which shall be certified) of the order appealed against and three copies of the order of the original authority. Copies, other than those that are certified, shall be attested by the appellant or his authorised representative as true copies.

(5) An appeal to the Appellate Tribunal shall be signed by the appellant and shall be presented by him in person or by his authorised representative to the Appellate Tribunal or to an officer authorised by the Appellate Tribunal.

(6) Where an appeal is made after the expiry of the period specified in sub-section (2) of section 76, it shall be accompanied by a petition duly verified setting forth the facts showing sufficient cause for not preferring the appeal within the said period.

(7) Where the appeal is made without payment in full of the tax or any penalty in respect of which the appeal is being preferred, the memorandum of appeal shall be accompanied by a petition duly verified stating the facts on which the appellant relies to satisfy the Appellate Tribunal to entertain his appeal without such payment or on payment of such lesser amount as remains unpaid.

(8) Every appeal where fresh evidence is sought to be produced, shall be accompanied by a memorandum of evidence sought to be produced, stating clearly the reasons why such evidence was not adduced before the authority against whose order the appeal is being preferred.

Department of Trade and Taxes
Government of NCT of Delhi

Form DVAT 38A

[See Rule 57A]

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