DELHI Vat Form DVat 17

Download DELHI VAT Form DVAT 17: Composition Tax Return Form

DELHI VAT Rule 28 Dealers’ periodic returns

(1) Subject to sub-rule (2) of this rule, every dealer liable to pay tax under section 3 shall furnish a return in Form DVAT-16 for each tax period.

(2) Every dealer who has elected to pay tax under section 16 shall furnish return in Form DVAT 17.

(3) A return under sub-rule (1) and sub-rule (2) shall be accompanied by proof of payment of tax, interest or any other sum in Form DVAT-20 and documents as may be specified in the return. Such return shall be furnished within twenty eight days from the end of his tax period:

PROVIDED that a dealer who has been registered for the first time under the Act shall furnish the return(s), the date of furnishing of which has already been expired on the date of grant of registration certificate, within seven days from the date of such grant.

(4) Where a dealer’s registration is cancelled under the Act and subsequently restored, the dealer shall furnish within 28 days after the restoration, all returns relating to the tax periods during which his registration remained inoperative and the date of furnishing of which has already expired on the date of restoration, and before furnishing such returns he shall deposit the tax due according to these returns in the same manner as he would have done if the registration was not so cancelled.

Department of Trade and Taxes

Government of NCT of Delhi

Form DVAT 17

[See Rule 28]

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