DELHI Vat Form DVat 16A

Download DELHI VAT Form DVAT 16A: Form of return to be furnished by a Casual Trader

DELHI VAT Rule 5A Registration, furnishing of security, payment of tax and assessment of casual trader

(1) A casual trader shall, at least three days before commencing his business in Delhi, make an application in Form DVAT-4A in person or through his authorised agent to the Commissioner.

(2) The Commissioner shall, after registration is granted, issue him a registration certificate in Form DVAT-6A along with as many Forms DVAT-34 and DVAT 35 as are reasonably required, against payment of the price thereof, if any.

(3) Every casual trader shall furnish a return in Form DVAT-16A which shall be accompanied with the proof of payment of tax and unused Forms DVAT-34 and DVAT 35, if any.

Department of Trade and Taxes
Government of NCT of Delhi

Form DVAT 16A

[See Rule 5A]

Form of return to be furnished by a Casual Trader

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