DELHI Vat Form DVat 04A

Download DELHI VAT Form DVAT 04A: Application for Registration by a Casual Trader

DELHI VAT Rule 5A Registration, furnishing of security, payment of tax and assessment of casual trader

(1) A casual trader shall, at least three days before commencing his business in Delhi, make an application in Form DVAT-4A in person or through his authorised agent to the Commissioner.

(2) The Commissioner shall, after registration is granted, issue him a registration certificate in Form DVAT-6A along with as many Forms DVAT-34 and DVAT 35 as are reasonably required, against payment of the price thereof, if any.

(3) Every casual trader shall furnish a return in Form DVAT-16A which shall be accompanied with the proof of payment of tax and unused Forms DVAT-34 and DVAT 35, if any.

Department of Trade and Taxes
Government of NCT of Delhi

Form DVAT 04A

(See Rule 5A of the Delhi Value Added Tax Rules, 2005)


Application for Registration by a Casual Trader under Delhi Value Added Tax Act, 2004

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