Company Law Form 1A Application form for availability or change of a name of Company

Form 1A of Company Law Application form for availability or change of a name of Company

Form 1A of Company law which is required to be filled through MCA website for name application while Incorporating a new company or Changing the name of an existing company. Make sure you had check the availability of name which you are going to apply through Form 1A. One can check the availability of Company name though MCA website.

Requirements for FORM 1A : Name Application for Company

  • Name and DIN number of the Applicant, who will be the director of the Company
  • Name of the Promoters of the Company, minimum 2 for private company and 3 for public limited company but details of maximum seven promoter(s) can be filed through this  eForm.
  • Enter the proposed authorised capital in case the proposed company is having share capital. Minimum authorised share capital required for a Private company having share capital is Rs. 1,00,000/- and in case of a Public company having share capital is Rs. 5,00,000/-. Note Authorised capital filed in name application can’t be reduced and one has to pay stamp duty and ROC fees based on authorised capital so to aviod any problem its advisable to fill capital at Rs 1 lakh for Private and Rs 5 lakhs for public company which can be increased while incorporating company. 
  • Digital Signature of applicant or authorised signatory or Chartered Account filing the Form 1A

For Name Change of Existing Company

  • Corporate Identity Number (CIN) of the company is required
  • Digital Signature of Managing Director/ Director of the Company is required
  • Board Resolution is required

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