Our long experience in banking has given us the valuable insight that financial strength is best achieved through customer trust. Our mission is to keep thriving on this philosophy while infusing sustainable practices for the future. Our goal is to produce predictable earnings for our shareholders by rallying our employees through a dynamic and challenging environment. With such ideals in place, we trust that we can outgrow the industry average growth level and climb to a business volume of Rs 34,000 crore, and also reach a net worth level of above Rs 700 crore by 2015. Besides, we are geared to increase our branch presence to 500 centers, covering all prominent locations in India by 2015.

Interest Rates on Domestic Term Deposits(% Per Annum) 
(Effective from 01-09-2013)

PeriodBelow Rs 100 Lac
7 to 14 days (Minimum amount of deposit Rs 5 lac)5.00
15 days to 29 days5.00
30 days to 90 days9.00
91 days to 179 days7.50
180 days to 364 days8.25
365 days to and including 24 months9.50
above 24 Months to and including 120 months8.75


Interest Rate for Acharya Deposits effective from 01.09.2013
Below Rs 100 LacRs 100 Lac & above
180 Days to 364 Days8.758.75
365 Days to and including 24 months10.0010.00
Above 24 months to and including 120 months9.259.25

Effective from 01.01.2007, where term deposits (opened on or after 01.01.2007) are closed prematurely, the rate of interest payable shall be the one as applicable for the period for which the deposit actually remained with the bank, ruling on the date of the deposit, less 1% penalty.

Annualised Yield for Domestic Term Deposits (% Per Annum) 

PeriodDeposits of less than Rs 100 lac
12 months9.84
24 months10.33
36 months09.88
48 months10.34
60 months10.83
72 months11.35
84 months11.90
96 months12.48
108 months13.10
120 months13.76
Annualised Yield for Tax Saving FD24.04 



PeriodAnnualised Yield for Deposits of less than Rs 100 lac (% p.a.)Annualised Yield for Deposits of Rs 100 lac and above (% p.a.)
12 months10.3810.38
24 months10.9210.92
36 months10.5210.52
48 months11.0411.04
60 months11.5911.59
72 months12.1812.18
84 months12.8112.81
96 months13.4813.48
108 months14.1914.19
120 months14.9514.95
Annualised Yield for Tax Saving FD25.13 25.13 

Interest Rates on Domestic Savings Bank Deposits (w.e.f. 03/05/2011) 

Domestic Savings Bank Deposits4.00% p.a.

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