Download Goa Vat Form – XXX

Download Goa Form VAT – XXX Declaration

As per Goa vat Rule 57 Declaration for purchase of capital goods.-

(1) The declaration referred to in entry 23 of Schedule ‘B’ appended to the

Act shall be in Form VAT – XXX which shall be issued in quadruplicate. The

original and duplicate shall be made over by the purchasing dealer to the

selling dealer out of which the original shall be furnished by the selling dealer

to his Assessing Authority along with the return. The duplicate shall be

retained by the selling dealer for his record. The triplicate shall be send by the

purchasing dealer immediately on its issue to the Commissioner keeping the

quadruplicate for his record.

(2) A single declaration in Form VAT-XXX may cover more than one

transaction of purchases if such purchases are made within a quarter and their

details, namely, serial number of tax invoices, their dates and amount of

purchases are shown in the Form under the signature of the purchasing dealer.

(3) If no such declaration in Form VAT – XXX is submitted by the selling

dealer along with the quarterly return then the dealer will not be eligible for

claiming the sale of capital goods under entry 23 of the Schedule “B” to the


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Download Goa Vat Form – XV

Download Goa Vat FORM – XV Audit Report

As per Goa Vat Rule 42 Audit of Accounts.

The dealer liable to get his accounts audited as required under sub-section (1) of section 70 of the Act, shall submit to the Appropriate Assessing Authority the audited statement of accounts in Form VAT – XV, within nine months after the end of the relevant year.

The audit report shall be signed and verified by the Chartered Accountant setting fort

the particulars and certificates as required in the said Form.

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Download Goa Vat Form – III

Download Goa Vat Form – III Return of Sales and of tax payable

As per Goa Vat Rule 23(1) Tax Returns.-

A return to be filed by a registered dealer under section 24 of the Act, other than those opted for composition of tax under section 7 of the Act, shall be in Form VAT-III and it shall be filed within 30 days from the end of quarter.

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Download Goa Vat Form – XXXI

Download GOA Vat Form – XXXI Application For Raising Objection As To The Jurisdiction Of Any Officer Or Person

As per Goa vat Rule 12Raising objection as to the jurisdiction of any officer or person.-

An application raising an objection as to the jurisdiction of any officer

Or person, as provided under sub-section (7) of section 13 of the Act, shall be made to the concerned officer in Form VAT-XXXI and shall be submitted in duplicate bearing fees in the form of court fee stamps of the amount as prescribed in rule 46.

On receipt of the application the concerned officer or person whose jurisdiction has been challenged shall submit the same to the Commissioner with his comments within 10 days from the date of receipt thereof.

The Commissioner shall dispose of such application within a period of 60 days after giving the applicant a reasonable opportunity of being heard.

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